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You get an idea of the philosophy behind Amanda Lee’s acupuncture practice by catching the tail end of one of her yoga classes. Amanda concludes each class by having students vigorously rub their hands together. Experiencing themselves creating a bit of qi, each student then places it wherever on their body they feel they need it most.



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has numerous modalities.



Yin Yoga with Acupuncture, Lululemon and Adjustments Training.



Exercise, especially Yoga is the secret to better health.


Amanda Lee is an advocate for her patient’s wellbeing. She wants to empower her patients with education and the knowledge to take control of their healthcare, while promoting longevity and well-being. Her methods are collaborative and enduring: feeling well is a journey, and she is excited to be along for the ride.

Amanda’s mantra for her patients is simple “I am aware of the connection between my mind and my body. I am listening to the feedback of my body and I am taking the time and using the tools I’ve been given to restore my health naturally, holistically.”


Amanda Lee's mission is to provide the highest quality care in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the integration of body, mind and spirit. She approaches each patient as an individual and each treatment is tailored to their specific needs. Amanda Lee uniquely combines eastern medicine with a western science approach. The goal is to find the root cause of the disorder or disharmony and approach the disease from there. Instead of palliatively treating symptoms, Amanda works to bring her patients back into balance.


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