Allie Kaslow

Relief. Clarity. Energy. Rejuvenated. Digestion. Note. This is my experience. Initially, I will say I am probably like most of you who may be reading this because you are sitting on the fence as to dive into the experience for the first time, or not. It’s ok. That was once me too! Needles? Needles moving energy? How? What? Well, I am here to take away even that little anxiety, thanks to the uncertainty and give you the little push you need. A handful of sessions completed and from my heart, to yours I can tell you: I AM A believer. In fact, I now crave these moments & this space. With the handful of sessions in the books, I thought I’d share – positive results, from what once was – why not? A couple of weeks ago, I came down with some sinus congestion. A few needles later, 24 hrs go by (no joke) congestion GONE. I was blown away. Leaving for a new work opportunity today, feeling anxious, a visit with Amanda gave me exactly what I needed clarity & calmness. Tho, like with anything new, it took me some time to see it thru … I’m human! However, Amanda has given me her time, patience, knowledge and the results have been amazing. This NEW way, has become my Jam. Again, this is just me. My experience. YOU DO YOU! But it’s been a positive one & so for those who have inquired, there it is. Want more from me on it, Shoot me a message. I got you … just like Amanda has me.

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