Jenny Corona

Amanda is an absolute godsend! I first met her while taking her yoga classes and was always inspired by her positive, energetic spirit and caring advice as I worked through an injury. Fast forward a year and I approached Amanda to ask questions about how acupuncture might help me get through a post-surgical plateau. I had an extensive FAI repair surgery on my right hip about nine months prior and was struggling to get back to full range of motion and had constant nagging pain.

On my first office visit, Amanda listened patiently while I went through a list of concerns – everything from migraines to low energy to anxiety to acute shoulder pain. One by one she addressed my symptoms and helped heal the various parts of my body and soul. Amanda is able to stop a migraine within minutes (when they often last days!). She has helped me reduce anxiety, sleep soundly, improve energy levels and get back on my yoga mat!

I can’t say enough incredible things about Amanda! She is patient, thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and the epitome of a HEALER!

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