Kellie Dolzynski

I first met Amanda at yoga where we immediately connected. I started seeing her several months ago for several conditions where western medicine wasn’t able to help relieve or heal for as long as I can remember. Amanda has been helping to treat my anxiety, migraines and irregular and painful monthly cycles. She has been using acupuncture, cupping, and ear seeds and have seen large improvements in my daily stress levels and my migraines have decreased almost 80% to what was “normal” over the last several years. Amanda is dedicated to health and well being of her patients and always takes the time to understand improvements, setbacks or new symptoms. She asks questions and always makes you feel supported. She’s my biggest advocate for health and constantly checks in with how I am responding to new herbs or my acu treatments. She has had the biggest impact on my total wellness. I am grateful I found her to help live my best life.

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