Mike Dean

I can’t thank Amanda enough for introducing me to Chinese medicine because it has truly changed my life. When we first met I was a stressed executive of a FTSE 100 company who just had back surgery. A surgery that I believe if I had met Amanda before would not have been necessary. Her knowledge of the human anatomy, her application of Chinese medicine and her ability to incorporate this into her yoga teaching is one of a kind.

I am a walking testament that a well rounded approach to holistic health can make you feel, look and move better. I am now in my 50’s and I feel stronger, more flexible and healthier then when I was doing triathlons in my early 40’s.

I no longer have any back pain from my surgery and the combination of cupping and acupuncture keeps me fine tuned and addresses any aches or pains I might have. She even has a treatment to help me control my appetite! My western doctor who does my yearly physical, says whatever you are doing keep doing it because your lab results have never been better.

So no matter what your need, Chinese Medicine or Yoga, see Amanda Lee Murphy and be healthy, happy and active!

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